How`s your weekend looks like? - And some updates on our rebuilding project.

Hello Lovelies, 
so what you`ve done this weekend?
I was really busy.
Really busy the past three weekends...

I don`t know if you remember our rebuilding project.
But this is where we end up last year.

Not so nice, huh?
And I don`t wann even speak about this!;)

No, don`t worry we weren`t climbing up this ladder every time, 
we have an extra entrance on the backside of the house,
 but looks not nice either;)

So I dreamed, my house would look more like this...

...or this...

with some nice stairs on the front porch.
And after some searching we found what I wanted.
Like this.

This are our new stairs. 
Not done yet but a big improvement to the ladder;)
i painted the door black and it will get a new doorknob
and some lights around.

And we found some nice, grey "Kanadian Siding" cladding!
Looks like this.

I simply love it!
If you are interested in the whole story, 
please go and visit my 

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