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How`s your weekend looks like?

Hello Lovelies,
It is really hot here, about 40°C.
The summer fully arrived now.
All you can do is sit outside and don`t move;)
Besides you want to grab something from the 
delicious BBQ.

Or just stay inside, like I did most of the time.
It is so great to be in my studio, where always
are about 18°C!


So what have I done...
I made some ombre clothespins, 
(just painted ordinary clothespins with some markers...)

for my little postcard gallery in my studio.
And the postman brought me these, which I will 
put on my Etsy shop soon.

Started a new painting,

 and almost finished up another.

Than rearranged some stuff in my studio, I`m not done moving yet.
Need some shelves and my chairs are not done yet either.
But I started to feel like I`m home;)

So what have you done the past few days?;)

Pudel - design


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