Tinted glas bottles for the Barn!

Hello Lovelies, 
I had so much fun to do this project!
I made some blue glas bottles and jars!

(If you need a great tutorial than search the web, 
so many great out there!)

Here is how I did it.

What you need, 
glue (which dryes clear)
green and blue food color

Mix the glue, food color and a little water in a jar 
and pour them around until everything is covered.

Let the mixture pour out completely.

Place them in the oven.
I "baked" the jars and bottles for about 20 minutes
on 150°C.

(excuse my messy oven;( had to clean a lot!)

Besides that this project turned aout fabulous!
I had some jewel greens, 
some deep blues and some turquoise colors!

And here is the best part!

Oh yeah, we added some little b&w striped curtains to the
build in shelves. 

Which matches the cute rug we found earlier.

A close up.

And some decoration in the corners...

So what do you think so far?
If you are interested in the whole 
Barn story and wanna see it from the beginning

Linked to;

Pudel - design


  1. That barn looks fantastic. I love the blue bottle collection on the shelf. The colors just pop so vibrantly against the white. A unique project I may have to try!

  2. I love the various shades of blue. So lovely with the white. Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you tomorrow.


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