Sometimes the solution is right in front of you...

Hello Lovelies!

At first I want to wish to all my friends and readers in the US, 
 a happy happy July 4th!!!

Now back to my post...

Do you remember the post I complained
about how hard it is to find a perfect or even 
an appropriate studio space?

Sometimes the solution of your problems is right in front of you!
Like this time.

The house I`m living in, has a big, nice basement room.
Not in use, just for storage and some workout.
My landlords, (which happens are reading my blog too;))
 asked me if I do wanna use this room as my studio;)!

After I thought about it for ahmm like five seconds, 
I said yes!
This space need a full makeover
but when I am done with it, it will be perfect for me;)

Wanna see?

This all will go!
I have to ripp off this wooden bar.
This space need a new wall color and
all my furniture in it!
And some new pieces!
IKEA I`m coming!;)

Here is the other side of the room.
With a pool billard table, dart board 
 and some workout equipment.

So what do you think?
I`am just pretty happy what is happening now;)

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