Some updates...

Hello Lovelies, 
are you ready for some updates?
On my studio, of course;)

Sorry for all these many, 
many posts, of not really ready yet studio space, 
but I am so excited about it 
 and this is my lil old blog so I can post them ;P

These pix are a little blurry, sorry for that too.

Here we go;)

I changed my mind on the chalkboard paint, 
I went from graphite to deep black like you can see here.
I think it makes a bigger impact with my new
upholstered orange chairs.

My stripes are ready too, also the touch ups.
Havent removed the duct tape yet.

You will see some several brown packages around.
That`s because I was at IKEA this morning
and bought some good stuff;)

My file cabinet is white, 
you can see here the drawers 
with the painted handles.

I so do love my wall;)
Don`t know yet what to do with the door, 
any suggestions?
Would love to hear from you.

Here is my cabinet without the drawers.

And I bought a rug, the same sisal rug like in this post here.

Thought about painting this one too, 
or would this be too much?
And which color if I do so?
Or should I leave them in this creamy color?

I know that every one of us love a good rug makeover...

So many decisions to make!
I would love to hear from you,
every thought is welcome here;)

Pudel - design


  1. ha, super! die streifen habe ich fast genauso in unserem flur an die wände gepinselt. :)
    gefällt mir bei Dir auch richtig gut!
    Wie wäre es mit weißer Folie für die Tür? Streichen darfst Du sie bestimmt nicht oder?


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