Some gray stripes...

Hello Lovelies, 
a quick one this time;)
Just an update on my studio renovations.
I had a little help with the light fixture,
this afternoon, see it`s gone;)

And painted my stripes.

This wall need some little touch ups...
But the rest of the room looks pretty nice.
Please don`t pay attention to the mess around, 
just concentrate on the walls.

Tomorrow I will paint my file cabinet a creamy white
and add some little rollers so I can move them around.

I already spray painted the handles black.

So what do you think of my striped walls?

Pudel - design


  1. Ich mag Dein neues Blogdesign - nice, die Streifen natürlich auch ;-). Liebe Grüße - maks :-)

  2. Nice work - such a big improvement already!


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