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Pom-Pom flower arrangement.

Hello Lovelies, 
I think at these day everyone of you know how to make
If not there are many, many tutorials out there.
Just google it;)

I needet some color at my studio space, 
and since my cats love to eat any flower I bought, 
(accept of my orchids) 
I thought I made some paper flowers;)

What you need;

Tissue paper in color of choice,
string or twine,
some straws, 
a vase.

I taped the opening of my vase
to make sure my flowers would stay in place.
Made some pom-pom`s and added a straw "stem" to them.



I used some nice white silk flowers to 
spice up my arrangement;)

And that`s it, no big deal, really simple and gorgeous.
Here is the end product, 
drum roll please;)

And here it is on my cabinet!

And some close up shots;)

So how you like my "flowers"?;)

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  1. Lygia!!! it´s beautiful. You are so creative and talented!! wow!! it´s amazing!!


  2. Love love them...The yellow and white is beautiful combo! Very creative. Hugs

  3. How lovely! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  4. Wonderful! I like your idea of taping the top of the vase to keep the flowers in place. Thanks for sharing!


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