How`s your weekend looks like?

Hello Lovelies, what have you done since friday?
I am a lot!
At first I build with my dad a tabletop for my new crafting, 
painting table.
The old pool table has to stay so we covered it with
chipboard and I painted it white.
It is a pretty huge table now;)
Never had so much space for my canvases!
This is pretty amazing to me.

This here is the before pic.

It is already a difference although it is not ready yet.

This huge table is going to ba a little higher.
have to made some kind of platform or something.
To avoid some serious back ache, 
because I work in a standing position.

(can I say it this way? I hope you understand what I mean, 
it`s like my english is really worse today:)

Between the coats I was drawing some doodles...

Ad made some cupcakes!

My best friend is gettin married in two weeks and today
is her bachelor party;)!
So I will be (in a coma) sleeping the rest of the weekend after this party;)

Love and hugs to all of ya;)

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