Updates on the Barn!

Hello Lovelies,
 today I wanna show you how the barn look already!
With the sealed floors and with the build in cabinets!

Nice, right?;)
Can you see the cute little stove?

And here is the "kitchen" area;)
With many shelves and a big cabinet.

You have to keep in mind that this project is a really 
"on a low budget" thing!
Everything that I or my clients can find on a flea market, thrift store
or even IKEA is going to be refitted for this cute little barn!

So as this cabinet, that was an old refrigerator;)
Amazing isn`t it?

The decoration is all recycled too;)
Like old driftwood, shells and old bottles...

These shelves will get some doors and some cute, 
striped curtains!

I also found some old beachy garden chairs.
Will show them later, cause they aren`t delivered yet.
This would be great;)

If you like to see everything from the beginning

Pudel - design


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