Sneak peek of table & patio redo;)

Hello Lovelies, 
I think you`ll remember this post here.
That`s where i wrote about the furniture 
I got for the barn.

Here is the table half done.
I`m doing to do the same technique 
like you`ve seen before here and here.

And because we had so much paint left from the barn, 
 we decided to paint the patio walls as well;) 

Above you can see them ugly and stained brown, now they look
pretty fresh and light grey, like in the barn!
And you will recognize the chairs too.
But see yourself...

What do you think so far?
I know, there is so much missing, but be patient...
I think it will look great!;)

I have so many projects I would love to share with you my Lovelies, 
but all of them are not quite finished yet, 
so I show you just itsy bitsy tiny steps!

Like I said, be patient there is so much more to come;)

Pudel - design