DIY Tile Art, a tutorial!

Hello Lovelies, 
when you read "tile art"?
What do you think of?

Some mosaik, or a back splash in the kitchen?
Not really that kind of tiles but I stole the 
shape of an kitchen backsplash tile
and made a framed piece for my office desk;)

Wanna see how?
Okay let`s startin...

At first just find some nice tiles on the www.
I chose these here, 
printed them out and created a pattern, 
simply cut the shape out and traced it on cardboard.

But how did I made the tiles?
I think all of you know clay?
These sticky air drying mixture, 
that everyone make little bowls from?

If you know that, you know how I did it;)

What I used, frame, scissors, clay, cardboard pattern, hot glue gun, 
sharp knife.

Just place your pattern on the rolled out clay and cut it out, 
lay on side to dry, repeat.
If you have enough let them dry overnight 
or put it in the oven for about 15 minutes on the lowest temperature.

After they dried, I glued them on the insert of a frame.
And simply cut them in shape with a very sharp knife.

If you are not this pleased with the shapes, you always can 
sand them with a piece of fine graine sandpaper.

After a slight coat of creamy white glossy spray paint 
I put the framed tiles on my desk in the office.

Ant that how it looks right now;) 

A close up;)

I`m pretty pleased with how it turned out;)
So what do you think?
Any suggestions?

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  1. Your site is really good and the posts are just wonderful. Thank you and keep doing your great work.

  2. This seems like a super easy way to add some decorations to a room. I'm going to try it, but paint they tiles to add some color to my dorm. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love how this turned out. I have some actual tile from a bathroom remodel that is similar in shape. I may have to make something similar to this myself. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday. Hope to see you again for tomorrow's party.


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