Some furniture...

Hello Lovelies, 
I went flea market hunting;)!

And got this here for the barn!
A table and four chairs.
These goodies looked so sad!
Dusty and undone, but this will change during the next week.

 The table is fully extensible, see?

It isn`t this huge like it looks like, just a bad camera angle;)
So I sandet them down and will paint them like I did before on my living room furniture, 
you can see here and here
to get this beachy drifted look.

Don`t know exactly if I should reupholster the chairs, 
or just paint them with fabric paint.
Not sure about that right now...

And this is how the barn looks like at the outside right now...

... with a cute white picket fence.
I know, I know I promised you a big reveal 
but couldn`t resist show you some more 
not ready pictures;)

What do you think so far?
You like it?

So let`s see what I got else for you...
AH! Right!
My bedroom is finally ready!
You remember this post?

Hers a little glimpse of the reading nook...

.... stay tuned for the big reveal;)

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