Some doilies...

Hello Lovelies, I think every one of you have seen
a great tutorial on a clay doily bowl.
I found some on Pinterest a while ago.
So beautiful;)
I thought that I need one for my bedroom, for my nightstand.
Got the supplies and some white and gold paint and that here, 
is the result...

If you need a tutorial from mee too, 
just follow the steps below, if not than ignore;)

After everything dried, I decided to paint them white and add some gold
to the doilies;)

Here is the small one.

And here is the big one.

And the smaller one on my nightstand.

What do you think of my Pinterest inspired DIY?
How you like the gold bowls?

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Pudel - design


  1. Wow that's really stunning! I love it!!

  2. So sweet! I love them! Great handmade gift idea too!

  3. this looks beautiful, i would love for you to come and link it up at

    thankyou so much enjoy the rest of your weekend xxx


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