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You have never seen a cow like this, I promise!

Hello Lovelies, from time to time I show you paintings and artists I adore,  like Karen Santry Alex or James McLaughlin Really amazing people!
Today I want to introduce to you a great artist from Texas,  her name is Teresa Elliot and I love her cow paintings!
So amazing!
Just take a look...

Cows are not the only motive she paints. This one is pretty impressive too...

Amazing right?

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New Artist in Town!

Hello Lovelies,  I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine and an amazing artist! Her name is Alex, she is a cute, pretty girl with an amazing sense of humor   and a very talented photographer. This april she will turn 23. I think I am her greatest fan;)
Here is a self portrait of her playing guitar.

I will show you a glimpse through her portfolio today,  and some more during the next few days... She took some self portraits and some photos of her twin sister,  landscape and some still life pix. Her photos are for sale too, if you like some,  please shoot me an email and I will direct your offer to her. But for now, just enjoy..
"At the beach"

"In the Woods"

She sadly hasn`t a blog but maybe this post could encourage her to start one;) Wouldn`t it be amazing to see through her beautiful photos everyday? What do you think? Great, hmm?
Stay tuned for some more;)

And the Winner is!!!

Hello Lovelies,  I am so sorry for this late announcement! But I had so much work to do! And I had no internet connection for about three days! Can you imagine that?;) Sorry!!!
Okay, keep your fingers crossed! I let the number generator decide for me.
And he WINNER of my GIVEAWAY is ...

The number 7! Cassie from Primitive and Propper! Congratulations!!!;)
Cassie, please shoot me an email with you adress,  so I can send you your price;))
To all the others,  thank you so much for attending this Giveaway! Maybe you will win next time;)
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New Blogs - well new to me...;)

I just found some new amazing Blogs... Maybe you just already know them, but to me they are brand new ;) Take a look...



Happy reading;)

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The Giveaway is closed!

Hello Lovelies,  the Giveaway is closed now;) Thank you so much for the  response;)

I will announce the winner tomorrow!

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From old window to a mirror, or DIY vs. Pottery Barn.

Hello Lovelies,  I discovered these old windows and took them home. I didn`t know how to use them,  you never know when you maybe need something like this... My hubby`s reaction was like;" Oh no, some more junk!";)

And today it hits me;) How`s about a mirror...
Look at this gorgeous Pottery Barn mirror. For 202€! :O

I exactly knew where I would place it. I always had this bare space behind my little driftwood table. So I had to change that;) See what I mean?

Looking really sad, right?
So I took my window and some wooden sticks,  rom my hardware store. A glue gun, a saw, black spray paint,   and mirrored foil to my garage and the transformation begun.

After cleaning, I spray painted the sticks  and the frame of the window black.

After it looked like this.

I started to measure the spaces, for the right length of the sticks.

Than sawed everything to the right length  and located the sticks with some tape, to see if it works.

Removed everything, and the time for my mirrored foil…