Working on Tamara...

Hello Lovelies, 
wanna show you my latest painting, 
it is not done yet, still working on it, about two weeks or so.
Have so many other projects at the moment
 but you can have a little glimpse...

This is Tamara, a friend of my beloved grand dad.
He passed away as I was 14.
He was the most interesting and fun man I ever met in my life, 
always had the best stories;)

I found an photograph of her after looking through his old stuff on the attic.

She was a read headed gipsy, my grandma told me.
Such a beautiful girl.

I think I told you before, that my family immigrated from Kasachstan.
Every year in the summer time there were a gipsy circus around
our village.
I think my grad dad met her there.

Changed her clothes a little, but still beautiful.

Okay, ready, let`s take a look...

LIke I said far away from being a finished painting.

I hope I can show her in her full beauty at the end of the week;)

I am doing a whole painting series around the gipsy, 
circus, Russian, Kasachstan theme...
Stay tuned for that;)

What do you think so far?
How you like her?

Pudel - design


  1. love her! That red vivid. I'm so glad you are doing this...showing the steps with your painting. No one can say it is not your work! Love it! You are very talented! Hugs

  2. She's really looking gorgeous - well done you. I can't wait to see you progress with the Gypsy theme and I'm really looking forward to seeing this one finished.....B:)

  3. You are an amazing artist! I'm just starting to play around with painting abstract art... And wow I have a long way to go!


  4. WOnderful choice of background against the red hair!!!


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