Why I started blogging and an apologie to the whole Blog world.

I started blogging two years ago after a bad car accident, it was a turning point in my life.
I had to learn many things to do again.
I am still recovering from the injuries!
(Don`t want any pity, just trying to explain!)
And thought a blog would help to express my thoughts on some DIY skills!
That`s the reason, didn`t want to make profit out of it.

I met here some really nice online friends and many amazing creative persons!

A friend asked me if I never thought  about selling my paintings,
I never wanted to do that, because I just gave them away for fun,

I never wanted to make money with them.
But why not try?
If I sell some it would be nice, if not, doesen`t matter!

In my first blog post that I wrote,
I wanted people to be inspired by my work, and who ever wanted would feel free to share it, any DIY idea or painting or photo or something else they find here.
And many people did. And I think this is amazing!
I am fine with that!
I write this blog for fun!

So I started these online shops, to try to sell some paintings, like you can see, havent sell any jet, maybe would never sell any again!
So feel free to stay away from my blog and shops!
If anyone is willing to stay with me, I would be happy!

After  a whole weekend of thinking, and a whole weekend of life threatening mails and comments,
(I think people who are parents and grownup should not write such terrible things, but hey that`s my opinion!)
I think I still must apologize to the people.

Like I sad before, I never wanted to cause any harm, never wanted to be a copy cat!
Never wanted to hurt someone`s  feelings, like I apparently did.
Never had put these paintings on sale, If I had known they already exist on Etsy or somewhere else!
Never wanted to earn a cent with them!
I immediately deleted and destroyed them. wrote a mail to Etsy and explained.
I deleted any photo existed on any platform I use.
It may took about 24 hours until they were really gone.
If anyone copied them or did a screenshot of them, it maybe so!

After I removed the similar looking paintings from my platforms I searched Etsy for every horse, every dog and cat, every girl I ever painted.
And you know what I found similarities on other artists paintings too.
Because a dog is a dog a horse is a horse, animals have similarities!
I just found a exact copy of an Llama I painted ( and gave  them away to an online friend),
just in smaller version.
And a French Bulldog portrait I did back in 2010 (a best friends dog), just with an different background!
But that is okay with me!
If anyone got inspired by my work, I am happy about it!

Fell free to say anything about me what you want!
It`s a free world!

Tank`s fro reading.

Lydia Pudel


  1. Lydia, I'm not sure what happened and I really don't care.

    I think you are a talented and gracious blogger and that's good enough for me.

    Haters will be haters and should just be ignored.

    I will definitely stick around to see more of your creative work.

  2. I agree with Mel above. Ignore the haters and don't give them the satisfaction. You ARE a TALENTED artist and as long as you create with integrity you have NOTHING to worry about. You deserve to sell it. I'm inspired by the Llama painting daily and am proud to acknowledge you as a talented artist. Please don't let these idiots get you down and don't stop creating. No apologies needed.

  3. oh yes...when you come across the hate again..don't forget to hit the delete key...that's why we got it baby!

  4. I know you don't know me,but you are very talented! I love reading your blog, andI think the people who think you "copied" them are just over reacting. You have already gone far and above by taking out your paintings so you can't even make money! That is insane, I am sorry that you have to go through this. Good luck and keep plugging away and making such great art!


  5. i agree with the previous comments and you have every right to sell your work, too! i think you are sweet and talented and keep on doing what you are doing!

  6. Lydia, I too, do not know what has happened, but since the first time I found your blog and became a follower, I just want to say, I've enjoyed your blog and work.


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