Secret crafts...

Hello Lovelies, I think after nearly two years of blogging 
you know a lot about me.
I am a passionate artist, a on a budget decorator who loves a good deal!
And a rally crafty DIY making girl;)
But this secret I am offering to you today, 
you see the first time;)
I am a grown woman who loves to sew dolls!

I don`t know if you know Tilda,
 it is a doll from sweden and her inventor is Tone Finnanger
  and the www is full of her.
My passion to sew started really early, 
back in design school and I do it from time to time, 
a dress, pillows and curtains.

But to sew dolls gave me comfort and relaxation;)
I have all of her books...

I think there are more really talented ladys or guys
who have really good skills in hand sewing out there
but I do love my little creations even when they are not so perfect.
I sew really many and gave them away to my little cousins.
And daughters of friends...

After that confession, 
You wanna see some?;)

Here they come;)

Some little pigs, 

and cows, 

and of course the dolls...

The cute little chevron pillow in the back is made by me too.
What do you think?
Have any of  you a secret passion too?
Come on, be brave and share them with us;)

Pudel - design


  1. These are awesome...I've always said you are very creative! I have always wanted to sew and have decided to try my hand at it very soon...stay tune! Hugs


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