A crutch and some pom-poms!

Hello Lovelies, 
this is one of my favorite accessoires these days.

NO I haven`t done something stupid and broke my leg, 
I practically have done NOTHING to get this injury!
I have a tendonitis in my left foot!
And can`t walk without pain;( and have to take a lot of painkillers!
This Christmas present sucks a lot!

Have any one of you ever had a tendonitis?

So all I wish for Christmas is to walk without pain and get well soon!
Because all I`m doing right now
 is sitting in front of my computer and read blogs, 
or magazines, or books!
Can`t do so much creative stuff where walking in involved! 

Thank`s to my kind hubby, I have everything I need to get better!
He climbs the highest ladders and get me everything I want;)

Like some tissue paper to make some pretty pom-poms.
He brought me enough paper to make eight big white and two small silver grey pom-poms.
I thought bout hanging them in our bedroom over the bed.
I thought about it, my hubby did the killer part and hang them!;)

And that`s how it looks all ready under the roof;)

The firs five, 

and here are the rest of them.

And that`S how it looks when you look up to the pom-pom cloud.

I think I should add some more of the silver ones.

What do you think?
Any suggestions?
You like them?

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