Sonntag, 20. November 2011

The nightstands and bedroom reveal part one...

Hello Lovelies,
 today I wanna show you how the bedroom reno goes on.

It looks a lot more like a bedroom than before, 
but not quite ready yet.
The reading nook isn`t complete, 
so I will show you today my revamped nightstands and the
one side of my bedroom that is ready now;)
Let`s go;))

Just click above to see my paint madness...
from dark brown roof and dirty walls to a bright airy, white and light grey room.
This room was our former living/working/eating space.
It was really full of junk!!!

But were not here for that today, 
I wanted to show how I revamped my nightstands.

I had some IKEA MALM nightstands.

(not so fancy, huh?)

Which ones would never fit in this room again.
So I brought from an another trip to IKEA
these knobs,

and this great lamp, two of them...

That is something I could work with:)
Took the paint out, some white for the front and some Driftwood Milk Paint
for the side and the top of them. 

(Kinda obsessed with Driftwood right now;))

After one coat of Driftwood paint

and here they are after 4 coats of paint.

After few coats I sealed it with semigloss laquer

and screwed the knobs to the drawers.

Ant that`s it, 
drumroll please.....

This is mine

and that`s the hubby`s.

And this the finished side;)

This cute white wardrobe I found on a flea market for only 
20 bugs, it hasn`t looked like this past then, 
it was a tacky, stained and peeling off red paint.

What do you think?
You like the transformation?

Stay tuned for part two...;)

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Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy hat gesagt…

Such a big improvement Lydia!! Looking forward to seeing it all finished!

Achados de Moda e Achados de Decoração hat gesagt…

Pudel, it´s incredible!!It looks stunning and I love it


Daiane Cascini hat gesagt…

Eu adorei! parabéns pela transformação, estou esperando mais.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper hat gesagt…

oh that entire room is amazing!!! i love everything about it and the clever storage!

samaa @ Honey Sweet Home hat gesagt…

Great makeover :) I love those nightstand tops - I've never heard of driftwood paint but I'll be looking for it now!

Meg and Mum's hat gesagt…

What a fantastic bedroom! It looks so comfortable and serene. I'd love it if you'd share this at my Saturday Splendour Party at :)

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib hat gesagt…

What a lovely makeover, they are perfect for your space:)

shelly hat gesagt…

Your bedroom is lovely! I too have never heard of Drift Paint, but I really like the way it looks! Did you make your pillows? I would love to know how you made them or where you purchased them.
Thank you,

Pudel-design hat gesagt…

@ Shelly
Thank you so much for your lovely comment;)
I think driftwood Milkpaint is the best invention ever!
I didn`t made these pillows, I`ve got them from here

Hope that helped;)

Sandra hat gesagt…

That looks so nice! I wanna paint my Malm nightstands as well, did you just start with the Milk Paint straight away or did you sand them before?
Thanks Sandra

Pudel-design hat gesagt…

@ Sandra!
I did and them a little.
You should be gentle with sanding.
Sand them slightly, because of the laminated top!