My weekend trip to Cologne part I...

Hello Lovelies;)
How`s your weekend looked like?

It was a really nice one for me, 
just got home and uploaded some pics from my trip to this amazing city;)
Love the architecture, the food and the sightseeing...

This would be a very photo heavy post;))
Just enjoy...

 Okay here we have the lobby of this amazing hotel we stayed.

Can you see the pretty chandelier?
So many lights, so amazing;)

Look at these great, sparkly candle holders!
Like disco balls;))

Lets take a look at our room...
It was a cute and cozy one with green accents.

Here we have the bathroom.

And here hubby found the tv...

... and me a pretty mirror:)

It was the perfect size to hang above my fire place, just the wrong color;)
But sadly it has to stay in this hotel room...:(
It was a great weekend anyways...
Tomorrow I will show you some pics of the Chocolat Museum, 
the Botanical Garden and of course the great Cologne Cathedral!

If you liked the tour, please check out 


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PS; Have you recognized that my blog have a new header?
How you like it?

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  1. Adorei o blog, tudo lindoo! Tenho um blog de moda e decoração já que sou estudante de arquitetura. Beijos e sucesso por aqui.


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