My weekend trip to Cologne part III...

Hello Lovelies;)
Today I will show you the final part of our trip.

Okay, lets start this;)

This is the great Cologne Cathedral,
 in my opinion the most amazing building in this city.
Could stay for hours in there, 
if you ever do a trip to Cologne you have to visit it, 

and don`t forget to go to the Cathedral Treasury!

So many amazing, valuable and old things there!
Sadly we were not allowed to take some pics ;(

Here we have the inside of the cathedral...

...with some praying people lighting the candles.

Love these windows!

There is some renovating to do...

And that`s me in front of the cathedral, looking a little odd;)

After that experience we visited the Triangle Tower 
to get a better view of Cologne.

And here is the view...

After all the sightseeing we had some treats;)

And this is it!

I hope you enjoyed this trip with me, and promise no more to come, 
for those who fell asleep by reading this;)
For them who are interested in, just check out


The next posts will be some more DIY and hand-crafted;)

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  1. Did I say that you took AWESOME pics?

    I'm super envious that you got to go. But then again, it's great, so now I know someone I can ask if I want to plan a trip there!

    The architectural details that you shot are spectacular.

    And love that you closed up with an American treat :)


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