My weekend trip to Cologne part II...

Hello Lovelies, 
as promised I will show you the second part of my weekend trip;)
It was the last summer weekend and 
the first day of autumn but dosen`t felt that way at all.
It was a pretty, nice warm summer day when we did our sight seeing.

And again a very photo heavy post;)

Here you can see the Chocolat Museum, 
where you can merry too, a very special location;)

And this couple did it right the way...

Here you can see the history of advertise and packaging.
Any kind of box and pretty glossy and sparkly paper you can imagine;)

Look at this here, chocolate heaven;) 
Honestly I really thought about to lay down at the end of this
production line, open my mouth and just hmmmmm, yummi....;P

And of course I got my white chocolate, strawberry cake;)
Best thing EVER;))

Now take a look at the FLORA, the botanical garden in Cologne.

Fond this Giant Tree...

and this fountain;)

Some pretty buildings, flowers and some secret trails...

...and you`ve got the perfect hideaway;)
I hope you`re not bored yet and still with me, 
because there is one more part to come.
Thee great Cologne Cathedral!

Hope you enjoyed the tour;)
If you like you can see here 

Please don`t forget to enter the 

Pudel - design


  1. Nice pictures! I love the wedding balloons. I nearly went to Koln when I was in Germany.. you know why? The gummibear factory is close by! (or Haribo factory..). Sounds delicious.


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