My faves from Lonny

Here are my favorite pix from the new Lonny issue;))

These earthy and creamy whites with lots of gold for the entry`s

Love the art display on the wall!

And look at this beautiful kitchen!

This cute little island is amazing;)

This living room is so bright and crisp!

You see these sunburst mirrors?
This porch is lovely too...

And come on,who would ever say no to this pink sofa?
I think this is my absolute fave;)

I think this is a real great birthday issue;))
What do you think?

Pudel - design


  1. I looooved this issue. Lonny never ceases to dazzle me.

  2. love all the rooms :)

  3. Yes, they are all lovely! Light and bright with beautiful contrasting details. P.S Happy Birthday for last week, hope you had a wonderful day!


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