How`s your Sunday looks like?

Hello Lovelies, oh boy I had a really busy weekend;)
At first I mounted these planks to the wall, we`ve got from our 
old container as our family emigrated to Germany.
I thought it would be a nice memory for all of us.

Than I was helping my Dad to install the new light fixture,
a sort of strip light for the stairs.

Bought a new rug;)

Painted the trim.
That always get`s kinda messy...

Started to paint a new piece of art for a client.

And now I`m off to enjoy the evening with some good magazine reads;)

So how`s your weekend looks like;)

Pudel - design


  1. A weekend of magazine reads sounds perfect! I can't reply to your comment from my blog, but ja, ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch! Mein Opa ist Deutsch aber ich war in Neuseeland geboren. Ich hab in Deutschland nur fur 3 wochen, und ein Monat in Osterreich. Ich will wieder zuruck kommen. Sorry for the spelling! Thanks for your comment :) :)


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