Guest post from Arcadian Lighting Blog, Inspired by my Pink Flamingo painting;)

Today`s guest post is from Susi, 
a must-shop resource for beautiful light fixtures
She saw my flamingo painting on this blog post and was inspired to find decor and interiors that played on the subject and palette.
Pink Flamingo Painting
Pudel-Design via
Taking the primary colors of yellow, 
flamingo pink, red, white and gray blue, 
she pulled images that use some or all of these 
in a wide range of rooms and styles. 
Let's see how a painting becomes a room... or even a travel trailer. 
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
House to Home via
Love the yellow buffet in a room of red and white stripes. 
Just like the yellow skirt next to the lifesavers.
The matching drum light fixture is a great touch. 
All this room needs is a flamingo!
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
Pinterest via
This one might be a little bit of a stretch but this wallpaper takes the palette of the painting and turns it into a graphic, 
vintage inspired wallpaper. 
I think the flamingo would look fantastic hanging on this wallpaper.
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
Pinterest via
I love the feminine quality of the painting and think this room captures that same feminine look with vintage touches. 
We Adore the vintage lamp that is sitting on top of the end table.
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
Dwell Studio via
Poppy red walls,
grey headboard and red and white striped sheets 
with a few yellow accessories 
this room would match the painting perfectly!
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
Pinterest via
Flamingo pink paired with rose red and white on this sofa remind us of the red striped lifesavers and the flamingo in the painting. 
Add a fun and lively yellow ceiling light and this room would definitely match the lovely painting. 
What do you think?
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
Pinterest via
This party decor has a sweet vintage feeling to it. 
Like the painting, 
it is a mix of colors and stripes all balanced with white.
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
Matters of Style Blog via
Love the pink flamingo art and flamingo-inspired art, 
along with the little white wall sconce,
mixed with black and white striped chairs and grey fabric on the banquette. Flamingo pink is such a rich color.
Pink Flamingo Inspired Interiors
Poppy Talk via
Love the vintage feel of this little camper and outdoor breakfast. 
All the colors of the painting are here, 
mixed and matched in a cool vintage style.
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  2. I love the striped bedding! I'm on a hunt to find something similar!


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