Thank you for the huge response ;)

Hello Lovelies, it is amazing how many comments 
I got for my painted 
Thank you for that;)

Yo`ve also asked many questions too.
Today I wanna answer them.

1. Which size has this rug?
It is  165x230cm or 5,5x7,7inches.

2. Which size has the stencil?
Is is 53x30cm.

3. What paint did you use?
Every one who painted a rug uses latex paint. 
Or fabric paint.
I took regular indoor wall paint, nothing special, 
It worked really well for me.
It is a soft grey and a milky white color.

4. Why sanding it?
After i applied the last coat, the rug seemed a little stiff, crinkly and rough, 
so I put out my little electric sander and gave em a try.
Now the rug is more soften than it was before.
The structure of the rug is now like it was before it was painted.

5. Didn`t the paint get through the rug onto the floor?
Nope, because the rug is sealed at the backside.

6. How does it support traffic, doesn`t it fade out 
where people stand or walk?
Can`t report on that, this rug is supposed for my bedroom, 
It is not so many traffic around there;)

7.How do you clean them? Remove Stains?
Simply vacuuming the rug.
There are no STAINS on my rug!!!;)

I hope I could help you with that, 
and take away the fear of trying to make your own;)
Thank you all again for the big response!!!

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