New painting - Please meet My Alice!

Hello Lovelies, 
if you regularly follow this blog, 
you sure have noticed that I am a litte obsessed with "Alice in Wonderland".
I think it was my first book in preschool
and since then I`m in love with this story.
No matter what;)

And my latest painting deals with the idea of my own Alice.
This is my interpretation;)

What do you think?!
Do you like My Alice?

If you do,
you can buy her and my other ART as a print or as an original right here
there are more paintings available now!

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  1. Pudel, soooooooooo cooooool, soooooo cute! I really love it! The yellow high heels are stunning too


  2. What talent you have!!
    Thanks so much for linking this up with My Favorite Things Party! Be sure to check out my Giveaway Sunday(a new one each week)!

  3. I really love your interpretation. Hugs!

  4. She's beautiful! I love the idea of Alice in Wonderland, and the fantastic imagery that comes from it, but I've never been able to get more than halfway through the original book. Isn't that strange? I think it's the writing style that puts me off. Well, your painting is beautiful, from the fabulous shoes to the adorable white rabbits.

  5. Thank`s a lot Ladies;)
    I`m so happy about your comments!!!

  6. wow! your paintings are gorgeous! :)

  7. Wow!! Deine Alice sieht klasse aus! :)
    Vielen Dank für's Linken beim {nifty thrifty sunday} letzte Woche!!

  8. Love it! Come see what I did with a dollar chair and my own Alice in Wonderland photo shoot!


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