Felted wool...

Hello Lovelies, today I wanna show you the work of 
I found her incredible work while browsing the internet ant it is really post worthy!

Stephanie Metz is a sculptor whose innovative work in felted wool 
has garnered international attention.  
Her sculpture, focused on the relationship between humans and the natural world, 
fuses sharp wit, thoughtful observation, 
and careful craftsmanship in an unusual material to blur the line between art and science, natural and unnatural, organic and man-made. 

And here are my favorites!

She has some very disturbing pieces too, 
but her technical work is incredible, never saw this before!
If you like these, please visit her homepage

Pudel - design


  1. This ia an area of art that I know little about, but I'm fascinated with what you have displayed here! I most especially like the Rott and the white rabbit. What an interesting art! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  2. That first little puppy dog is simply ADORABLE! Omg. I soooo want him for my own!

    Much Love,

  3. Wow, these look so life-like. She has amazing talent! Viele liebe Gruesse! Barbara


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