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The lovely people from Design asked me, 
if they could write an article that I can publish on my blog!
Yay?! Really?! You asking me?! Okay, why not!
If you don`t know this dite please check them out!
It is really stunning;)

And here it is.

"Decorating with Art" 

Nothing is more personal than decorating with art.
You can cover your walls with fine art, photographs or framed prints; hang a single large painting to create a focal point in the room; or prop art work on a table or mantel for a casual arrangement.
Building a collection or decorating with your children's art will add life to your walls and your home. Bare walls are so boring, get inspired with the following decorating ideas.

Houzz (via)

Decorating with art is as easy as leaning a couple of framed piece on a table, dresser or fireplace mantel. Simple and easy to change your mind.

Design Wali (via)

If you are indecisive about hanging art on your walls or afraid to commit to nailholes, then a floating picture shelf is a good solution. You can switch out art and small sculptures as you like and rearrange them without worry about adding more holes to the wall.

Tobi Fairley (via)

How to hang an eclectic collection of art? As seen here on Tobi Fairley's blog, which is rich with
 interior design ideas, choose a central piece and work off of it, expanding out in horizontal or vertical lines.

Tobi Fairley (via)

For a uniform collection of frames in your living room design, hang them in a grid for a modern, clean look. Even if the artwork, like these botanical shell prints, is more traditional.

Our Fine House (via)

The rule for hanging art is to keep it at eye level for an average height adult. But sometimes you have to break the rules. Love the colorful art hung up high to create a border.

House Design Buzz (via)

Decorating a room with children's art can be delightful. Uniform frames keep the collection looking modern and fresh as well as making it easy to swap out old works for new.

Apartment Therapy (via)

Interesting mix of paintings, prints and photographs on this wall. Buy what you love and you'll discover that you are drawn to certain things. Portraits, landscapes, nudes or abstracts might be your taste...or all of the above.

Apartment Therapy (via)

If you have a bold wallpaper, keep the art simple, but equally bold so that it doesn't get lost on the wall.

This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world from New York interior designers, Los Angeles interior designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle.

Thank you Kenny;)

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  1. Great article! I'm glad you took that opportunity. Especially since my husband and I still need to decorate our walls...


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