New painting - Please meet Bam Bam!

Bam Bam is my cute little cat, okay now he is two years old, 
on that painting he was about six month old.
He is a little star because of this post here;)


Bam Bam ist mein kleiner BKH Kater, okay er ist fast zwei Jahre alt, 
da kann man bei dieser Rasse nicht mehr von klein reden;)
Auf dem Bild ist er aber sechs Monate alt.

Ich hatte sein Portrait schon auf einem T-Shirt, 
den Post könnt ihr hier nachlesen, wenn ihr möchtet.

This cute little guy was already on a T-Shirt.
And now he is on canvas;)

I did a couple of the paintings for my online  Dawanda shop
(Coming soon)!
Here we go...

The paintings are 18x24cm 

Some are in soft pastell yellow and the others in a bright sunny yellow
with a lace doily stenciling.
Isn`t that a cute little guy?!
Perfect for a nursery, isn`t it?!
I hope you like it as much as I do...

If you like him, just shoot me an email
and you can get this painting in a color of your choice;)

If you like you can see my other paintings here


Ich hoffe es gefällt euch genauso gut wie mir;)

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  1. Love your painting of your kitten! I especially love the design on the t-shirt. It is very unique and clever.

  2. You are so right. That would be adorable in a nursery.


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