I found a lampshade...

Hello Lovelies, THANK you so much for the comments on my painted carpet!
That is so great;)

I think I found the perfect lampshade for my tree stump lamp!

What do you think?
You like it?

Pudel - design


  1. i think you need more of a cylinder shape personally.

  2. Hmm...
    Maybe you`re right, but it is really hard to find one.
    Every lampshade I`ve found has the shape you can see above;(
    But I will search for the right one, maybe I`ll find one;)

  3. Pudel! OMG it´s almost unbelievable! You are such an artist-crafty girl! It looks absolutely amazing! If we were neighbors, I would ask you to make me one of this! wow! I really love it, darling! congrats!!!!!!



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