New painting - Please meet Violetta

Just wanted to show you my latest painting;)
That is Violetta;)
If you liked winston the pug, you would LOVE Violetta;)
Now Winston got a girlfriend;)


Hier mal wieder ein Werk von mir, das ist Violetta.
Wenn ihr Winston schon mochtet, dann werdet Ihr Violetta lieben;)
Jetzt hat Winston eine Freundin;)

Violetta - (Acrylic on canvas - gloss varnish finish - 40x40cm)

Hope you like it!
For more paintings just go here.

Pudel - design


  1. Hello my dear friend! You are an amazing artist! Congrats.

    Darling, I´m stopping by to wish you a very Happy Easter!

    kisses from Sao Paulo - Brazil


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