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New paintings - Please meet "Little Red Riding Hood or the Wolf in disguise!"...and "Just LOVE me"

Hello Lovelies, 
I just wanted to show you my latest paintings!
Please meet 
"Little Red Riding Hood
The Wolf in Disguise!"

And "Just LOVE me"


So meine Lieben, hier mal wieder zwei Werke von mir.
"Das ist Rotkäppchen 
Der Wolf im Schafspelz!"

"Little Red Riding Hood or The Wolf in Disguise" - 
(Acrylic on canvas - gloss varnish finish - 60x80cm)

und "Just LOVE me"

"Just LOVE me" - 
(Acrylic on canvas - gloss varnish finish - 40x60cm)

I hope you like it.
You can find my other paintings right here

Pudel - design


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