Blog change?!

Hallo Ihr Lieben da Draussen.
Da ich ja ständig irgendetwas an meinem Blog verändere
habe ich mir gedacht ich mache hier mal mit.
Diese Blog-Party wird von Gail @ My Repurposed Life
und Megan @ Beauty in the Attempt veranstaltet.
Und das ganze heisst:

Bitte schaut euch meinen Blog an und sagt mir:

1. Mögt ihr meine Fotos?
2. Lädt mein Blog schnell genug?
3. Wie gefällt Euch die Schriftart, die Farben die Seiten, Sidebar?

Mir sind all Eure Anregungen, Tipps und konstruktive kritik sowie Lob Herzlich willkommen!;)

And now in english please;)
As you all noticed Gail and Meagan are running a blog party...
and I`d love to know from you

1. Do you like my photos?
2. Does my blog load quickly for you?
3. How about the font, the colors, the pages, sidebar?

I would love to hear all your constructive criticism,
your tips and maybe what you like about my blog!;)

Have fun and lovely greetings...

Pudel - design


  1. Hi Lydia! I love the layout of your blog. The subtle background is great and your sidebar is put together nicely. I so appreciate that you have the language translator on here too ;) I lived in Germany for 3 yrs but that was many moons ago so my German is very rusty! I do enjoy trying to read it though. I would love it if you could add photos of where you live. I think it's great for us in the US to see other parts of the world. One other suggestion would be to remove the word verification for comments.

  2. Hi Lydia,
    popping in via the blog hop! had to giggle when i saw your blog name. my daughter, Gretchen, is nicknamed 'poodle'! :) anyway, nice blog with good content. a bit difficult to read though.. you might consider using white in your post & sidebar columns. otherwise, great job! :)
    hope to see ya around my random neighborhood sometime! :)
    many blessings,

  3. Hi Lydia, I am visiting from the blog hop. I like the layout of your blog, but can see Tracie's point about using a plain white background on your post and side bar.

    I think that people would be more inclined to click your art and rebuilding buttons if you had photos on them... just a thought. I don't think I would have clicked on them if I wasn't trying to give you blog feedback, only because I didn't have any idea what they were about.

    Basically I'm trying to say that your art and home are too lovely not to have a prominent place on your home page:)

    Oh, and I like how your sidebar splits into two narrower columns further down.

    ps. you may think about taking off your word verification??

  4. Thanks for joining in on our blog hop! Your blog is adorable. The polka dots are nice, but I would prefer the main "post" area to be white. That's because I'm old!
    I think your layout is awesome.
    The translator does a super job, and I LOVE that cake!
    I hope this has been a great experience for you and I hope you made some new friends as you mingled around to the other blogs.

  5. Hello my dear! Thank you for linking up! I love the colors...and the composition. I would gently suggestion to make everything in your side bar 1 column rather than is easier on the eye to have everything in its place. Depending on the size of your post, the real estate over there can get messy. I say play with the layout and see what works best for you. I know change can be difficult but I think you may be surprised with the results if you tweek your layout here and there. Have a great start to the week and I hope to see more of you in blog world.



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