DIY Christmas Wreath

Hello Lovelies,
 this year`s Christmas would be really colorful.
Nothing traditional, like red or green.
We would have purple, gold and pink at our tree;) 
I thought bout making an ornament wreath myself...

Dieses Jahr wird Weihnachten bei uns bunt.
Nichts traditionelles, wie rot oder grün, sondern lila, gold und pink.
Einfach mal was anderes und dazu habe ich mir überlegt einen
Weihnachtskugel-Kranz zu basteln.

Really colorful;)


Schööööön bunt;)

You will need some ornaments,
 (I bought  some made from plastic, not the glass ones, they might crack.)
Than some wire and a good old glue gun;)
You have to shape the wire in a circle the size you like
and than start to bead and glue the
ornaments on them.
And that`s how it looked yesterday...


Deswegen gab es gestern einen Besuch im Baumarkt und Bastelladen;)
Ich habe mir ein paar riesen Packungen
Baumschmuck besorgt und alten Draht,
den ich zu einem Kreis gebogen habe.
So sah das dann gestern mittag aus

and this it is today.

Just added some more ornaments to it...


und so schliesslich heute.
Ich habe noch mehr Kugeln für die Symmetrie hinzugefügt
und ich finde für den ersten Versuch kann er sich
sehen lasen.:)
Was denkt Ihr?

And here it is in action, just put them on a round tablett and
lightened some candles, and it is the prettiest wreath I ever made;))
Pudel - design


  1. Sehr schön! Wie hast du denn die Kugeln daran befestigt? Würd das auch gern probieren :)

  2. @ Anonym
    Das kann man auf dem dritten Bild ganz gut erkennen, denk ich.
    Also erst einmal alles auf dünnen Draht fädeln und wenn es soweit gefällt mit Heisskleber fixieren.
    Und fertig ist der Kranz;)

  3. Wonderful idea, I absolutely love it.. Thanks for sharing.. Would love it if you could please share this at my Pin'Inspirational party happening today pweeease..Looking forward to reading more of your blog : )) So creative.. TY..Have an amazing Thursday.. ~M - Linky party link is -

  4. What a beautiful finished wreath. So glad that you took up Marilyn's invitation and joined us at our Pin'Inspiration Party.

    Happy new follower.

  5. I love the colors you picked! I'm over green and red for xmas.

  6. It looks lovely and very festive.
    I'd love it if you could share this at my Simply Christmas Inspitaion Party at

  7. You know, I've made one of these, but I could never figure out why I didn't LOVE it. Now I know why! Your smaller ornaments stuck in there make it perfect! I'll have to "borrow" your idea. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wow! That turned out great. I like how you varied the sizes of the ornaments and balls. Beautiful job. Visiting from Serenity Now.
    :) crafty texas girls

  9. That is gorgeous! I love it as a centerpiece. I am a new follower from Homemaker in Heels. Vicky from Mess For Less

  10. So pretty! I love the clusters of little ornaments.

  11. SUCH a beautiful wreath! Thank you for sharing it...I saw your post over at "Weekend Bloggy Reading" party at Serenity Now.

  12. So beautiful! I love the way the candles reflect off all those gorgeous ornaments! I'd be thrilled if you came and linked this up to the Head to Head Showdown, going on right now at


  13. It's gorgeous, especially love your use of purple. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm a new follower, please drop by for a visit when you can.

  14. Thank you for linking up to the Head to Head Showdown! ~Jen

  15. I love this great idea. Consider, if you will, sharing it at Thanks! Christmas blessings to you……….Kathy

  16. That is the prettiest thing I have seen all day! Gorgeous and awesome work!

  17. Wow! You are a Christmas crafting genius! So glad I found your project via Centsational Girl.

    Please stop by for a visit to my blog. I am currently in the midst of a Gifts to Make series.

    Be Merry and Bright!

  18. Gorgeous wreath! I love the colors you chose. It looks wonderful around the lit candles.

  19. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time. Hope you have a merry Christmas.

  20. This is such a beautiful candle wreath...really must be gorgeous with the candles lit and the lights off! Thanks for sharing at the homemade holiday party.



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